College Financial Planning Services

College Financial Planning ServicesStop the confusion, use our College Financial Planning Services

As you well know, planning for college for your child is a daunting task.  No small part of that is your worry over how you will pay for it and thinking that you might overpay somehow.  That’s where our college financial planning services come in.

If you haven’t already viewed our webinar video, now would be a good time to do that.

If you want to see how you can reduce your EFC and create a plan on how you will pay for your child’s college, then our college financial planning services might be right for you.

College Funding and EFC Planning Strategy Session

Here’s what our college funding and EFC planning strategy session entails:  We’re going to take a detailed look at your financial picture.  We will make sure you are taking advantage of every possible loophole in the (need based) financial aid system.  We will identify and take advantage of every strategy that you can use to reduce your EFC.  We will review exactly how you are going to pay for college.

At the conclusion of these meetings, you will have absolute certainty that you will not overpay for college and know exactly what resources your family will use to pay for your child’s college.  Simply put, you will have a plan.

Note:  This is not a free consultation or some sales meeting.  You have paid for this strategy session.  We will roll up our sleeves and get dirty so that we can reduce your EFC as well as identify and fix any problems in your college funding plan.

How We Do, What We Do

We consistently help families reduce their EFC and pay as little as possible.  Here’s how our our college financial planning services work.

  1.  Once you hire us, you will provide us with a detailed statement of your finances.  Please be assured that your information will not be utilized in any means other than those listed on this page and that information provided by you will be held in the strictest confidence at all times.  After the process is completed, your file with all of its contents will be properly destroyed.
  2. After we have received your information, we will schedule a 90 minute call / web meeting.  In this meeting, we will review your finances and your plan to pay for college.  We will identify any areas where opportunities exist to save in the financial aid process.
  3. At the conclusion of our first meeting, we will schedule a second meeting where we will implement any changes that are required of you to maximize your families financial aid.
  4. If your families finances are more complicated than the average family, additional meetings may be necessary.  These will be included at no extra charge.

The Price?

You may be wondering how much this will cost you.  For these strategy sessions, you will pay a small fee of just $497.

Ready To Get Started with our College Financial Planning Services?

So, you’re ready to get some help to make sure your EFC is as low as possible and making sure your college funding plan is on point.  Get started with your college funding and EFC reductions sessions today!