How To Find College Scholarships


Are you wondering how to find college scholarships?  I’ve had a number of families ask me recently to show them how to find college scholarships.  I decided to create a short video to give you my quick advice.  Have a look:

As I mentioned in the video, here are the 5 college scholarship search websites that I recommend.  Note:  I do recommend that you get a new e-mail or use a separate e-mail account because they tend to generate a lot of unwanted e-mail.

As mentioned in the video, I highly recommend the book I to the right on how to find college scholarships.  Click here to take you to the book page in Amazon.

And remember, don’t EVER pay someone in order to qualify for a scholarship.  If someone tells you that you have to pay money to get money, they’re wrong.  Run for the hills because it’s likely a scam.

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